This was a good year for developing some new systems for energy retro-fits and re-modeling.

Basement Transformations

  • Utilized a different approach to insulating basement floors that involved using sprayed on closed cell urethane foam under slab floors.
  • Developed a new framing system that accommodates a pine paneled finish. This system is more practical than drywall for attachment of shelving and storage systems. The paneling also provides a warmer & cozier feeling to the basement environment.
  • Utilized a new brilliant white 12 mil ground cover that provides superior moisture protection and durability over our earlier double layer of 6 mil black poly ground cloth.

General Remodeling

Lake Skatutakee Cottage undertook extensive remodeling on a small lake cottage in Harrisville.

  • Completed foundation, plumbing and electrical upgrades.
  • New Pine cabinets counter and range top.
  • Total floor make over with Long Leaf Pine T & G flooring.
  • New bedroom storage system.

Energy Retrofits

Roxbury Residence

  • Completed phase 2 (2nd year) of an extensive energy retrofit.
  • New pine floors, proprietary basement insulation system with pine paneling, storage systems, Exteria composite shingle siding.
  • Electrical, plumbing and heating upgrades.
  • Blown-in cellulose for attic, window and door replacements, siding repair.

Harrisville Residence

  • Implementation of new Basement Transformation System .
  • Mold issues eliminated by installing a composite drainage/insulation/concrete floor system.
  • Heating, electrical, plumbing, water filtration upgrades.
  • New oil tank & sump pump system.

Keene Day Care Center (former 1900s elementary school)

  • Installed our new 12 mil ground cloth system on over 5000 sqft of crawl space.
  • Installed foam & cellulose insulation systems to crawl space and attic areas.

Harrisville Ranch House

  • Installed cellulose with foam sealing techniques  along with spray foam application to rim joist in the basement.

Miscellaneous Carpentry

Harrisville’s Oldest Home

  • Installed antique style book shelving and coat rack using reclaimed 200 year old hemlock barn boards and utilizing antique molding planes.

Harrisville General Store

  • Custom made cake boards for food coolers and retail sale