Our Process

Whether your home is recently constructed or a cherished 200-year-old colonial, we can transform your problem cellar!

Does your home have “cold, wet feet?” Walker Cellar Works uses a “whole house” systems approach to analyze your water and moisture control issues. Using the latest in building science, we solve these problems and make your home healthy, warm, and comfortable.

Basements and crawlspaces need to be dried, properly air sealed and well insulated. This is critical both for your personal health and comfort, but also to improve the energy efficiency and maintenance of your entire home.

How does a cold basement affect your warmth and comfort? Your home acts like a thermal chimney. Cold air is drawn from the cellar, gathers up heat through the house, and carries that warmth out through the attic and roof.

At Walker Cellar Works, we design a comprehensive system that will halt that thermal effect, transforming the comfort level of your home.

We can take this one step further and convert your unused basement into an active storage or living area. With a warm and dry basement, you will have opportunities for expansion that you may have never dreamed of!

Services Provided